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Need for responsive talent management systems.

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The workforce of the future will operate in a dynamic and complex environment which demands skills that go beyond left brain thinking. The ability to capture attention, influence and engage will be paramount for both internal and external clients. So, while forecasting and number crunching is a good starting point, it is not a necessary or sufficient condition for successful HR strategy.

What is needed is a Responsive Talent Management Systems (RTMS). A RTMS allows firms to respond effectively and efficiently to the demands of the environment as they appear. Such a system in itself has to be diverse and differentiated to match the complex environment that surrounds it. A RTMS is a system that acknowledges and responds to the changing demands placed on it by the worker, the work and the environment. Therefore, a RTMS by definition cannot be a singular, monolithic, standardized whole. It consists of a series of sub-systems and tools that together embody the principles of flexibility and adaptability. By being overly deterministic in defining the exact shape and form of the system, we would defeat the very purpose of its design.

Further, the approach to managing careers will have to change. We no longer live in a linear world, and no one should be expected to have linear careers. The tapestry of career experiences together make an individual complete, and corporates will have to stop being suspicious of career shifts and breaks. They need to look beyond the resume to the underlying richness of experiences people bring.

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