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This changed the game board

A small but powerful fix ! Be seen, heard and understood differently by your peers, clients and colleagues. Stop counting just on the 'merit' of you case. It never is enough. See the link for the next steps after you watch the video.

We are not logical creatures. We are creatures that think with our heart and gut and then justify it based on logic. Research has shown that we are often not aware of how our biases and emotions play into decision making. Being a Phd I was taught to constantly seek proof, create robust frameworks, look for advance statistical data analysis to prove to the world how brilliant I am ! Alas, brilliant is but over rated. It is like the Ferrari which will go no where without the right fuel. And storytelling is that fuel that builds trust, invites conversation, create engagement and most of all brings down walls to make friends and influence people. Think about it.........

If the world was run purely by logic and merit, the top Presidents & PM may have been different, the state of the planet may have been be different, our lives would be different.

It is time for us to leverage the power of emotions through the tool of storytelling to make our brilliant ideas more acceptable. Program starts Nov 4: