• Leadership: A definition



    An obsolete, old economy, defunct term.

    because there is no ''ship''


    It is time for leaderSHIFT


    The World has SHIFTED



  • Leadershift Inc. works with leaders across the globe.


    Keynotes. Workshops. Consulting. Coaching

    VUCA i.e. a volatile, uncertain, complex and uncertain environment is a business reality.

    VUCA demands a shift in mindset and competencies in order to lead for

    influence & impact.

    It demands giving up old mental models for the new.

    It also demands that we recognize

    That to lead others we first must lead ourself.


    That is where Leadershift Inc comes in,


    Cutting edge insights.

    Global network

    Unique transformations


    Authentic Leaders

    * How to lead a purpose driven organization.

    * Learn to create an authentic leadership brand

    * Leverage corporate storytelling for influence & impact 

    * Executive coaching for leveraging your unique strengths


    Inclusive Leaders

     Leveraging diversity for innovation and engagement is a key competency for leaders. Learn how best to do this.

    * Enable a workplace inclusive of gender, culture & functional differences.

    * lead effectively across cultures

    * Dealing with unconscious bias


    Social leaders

    Understanding the critical role of social media for success in an age where talent wars will be fought on social and digital battle fields. It is time your leaders lead from in front of the fire wall.

    Leverage social media for more powerful talent brand for your leaders & organization.

    Future proof your career

    * Creating & leveraging strategic networks

    * Developing your personal leadership brand

    * Social media & career success

    * Stepping into your courage zone. One powerful step at a time.

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  • Want Incredible stories, Practical insights, Cutting edge thinking

    on the next evolution of leadership i.e. leadershift ?

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    The pirates and the hackers and the underworld don's

    know something about innovation that you don't

    Look out for ''Alexa Clay's episode"



    Lead for a social age

    What is a blue unicorns ? You must find them because they hold the key to your future.

    Look out for ''Ted Coine's '' episode for the answer. He is a Forbes power 50 social media influencer


    If it can not fail. It does not count.

    Who else but the one and only Seth Godin the man who lives on the edge of the future. Look out for an early episode



    Career insurance

    You have everything you need to make your career meaningful. Already.

    Look out for ''Jon Acuff's" episode. Jon is a multi-best selling author & a Linkedin Influncer


    Authentic leaders

    Are you using authenticity as an excuse to not own your future as a leader ?

    Find out more with Herminia Ibarra, an award winning author & thought leader


    VUCA world

    What has serendipity and luck got to do with a successful strategy and how can you harness both for your future growth ?

    Look for  Frans Johannson's episode. Author Medici effect & Click moments.

  • I am ready for the next evolution of leadership

  • Founder, Leadershift Inc

    Dr. Tanvi Gautam

    Winner of the Game changer award

     workforce magazine USA

    TEDx speaker, Quoted/published in Forbes.com, Harvard Business Review, Business Times, Economic Times, Business Manager. Host of an internationally trending twitter chat for leaders 

    Founder, leadershift Inc

    Clients include Medtronics, Dell, Exxon, BNP Paribas, accenture, NCR, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft & more


    Board member Artdo international- focused on growing leaders around the world. Arthur Anderson Alumni. Ex-TCS. Works with senior leaders to expand their ability to influence outcomes for their teams & organizations. ICF certified storytelling coach.

    Business School faculty

    Executive education and graduate schools such as University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, Singapore management University

    Phd. from the University of Pittsburgh (USA)

    Masters from La Trobe University (Australia)



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    Storytelling for leaders

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