• Hit reset on 2020 &

    step into 2021 with a new focus



  • What we will do

    In 90 minutes on Saturday Dec 5th (Asia) & Friday Dec 4th (USA) we will cover the following aspects and if you can't attend live there will be a recording link available for the till the end of Dec 2020 for you to do the needed work or refresh yourself with the ideas. See session timing at Checkout.

    Let it go so that the compost of the year provides the rich soil for the next year to emerge.

    We will release 2020 and the past decade so you can hit reset - using creative journaling and visualization

    Looking back to look ahead

    Craft your purpose statement based on the compass of life exercise.

    The statement will be your starting point for 2021 and beyond

    Step into your future with a bold approach

    You will learn 3 powerful techniques to keep your inner critic from blocking you from stepping into your power.

  • What inspired me to create this masterclass

    If we have not met before, I am Dr. Tanvi Gautam, multi-award winning executive coach, keynote speaker and best selling author. My work is about leading yourself, your teams and your career in the world of disruption. Because this is a topic I have been engaged with for a few years I want to take some strategic tools and a space to pause before we jump into 2021. You owe this time to yourself to move forward with a sense of release and respite as you step into the new year.

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