• A rare opportunity to exhale.

    A chance to lay down the armour.

    A pause that can redefine the future.


    "Tanvi, Thank you.

    This was a very different session and you touched a chord and drew people out,

    that too virtuallyand in just 75 mins.. that says a lot ! Thank YOU "

    Rekha Menon

    Chairperson Accenture India team.

  • What inspired me to create this masterclass

    If we have not met before, I am Dr. Tanvi Gautam, multi-award winning executive coach, keynote speaker and best selling author.

  • What we will do

    The pandemic has made relentless demands on us as leaders -

    personally and professionally.

    Even as we step into the next chapter of growth coupled with uncertainty there is an opportunity to pause and hold space for the journey undertaken and reflect on the emerging path.


    Through this session, we will open a

    unique conversation space and surface insights

    around your personal narrative of leadership through the pandemic.


    We will explore the themes that allow us to turn attention to ourselves not just as leaders but also as individuals who anchor the energy and inspiration

    for so many others within and outside the organization. We will do this through a three-step W.I.N. process of Witness, integrate and navigate developed and used by Dr. Tanvi with her clients all over the world.




     Holding space to look at the journey. We will create a circle of trust and reflection and with the help of powerful tools work through our experiences and emotions to emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and relief. 



    Let it go. 

    Learn to take the experiences of the pandemic so that the compost of the months gone by provides the rich soil for the next iteration to emerge. 


    Now that we have held space and created a charter for the future the time has come to start defining how we will use this to what might come ahead. What is the kind of leader you are going to be for what may lie ahead. This is the moment of truth and reckoning.

  • A great session, Tanvi. A big thank you!

    I choked up a couple of times listening to all the stories that our leaders were sharing. There is a

    renewed sense of purpose as the Leadership team.

    So ThankYOU for leading this team

    through this discussion today.

    It has definitely opened up a space.

    H.K. MD, Human Resources,

  • A few of our clients

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