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  • Is this you ?

    Not sure what's the fuss about social media anyway ?

    You want to create a digital footprint but don't know where to begin.

    You are aware that social networks are the new career insurance but don't know how to leverage them.

    You have a 'dead'' profile on Linkedin and think it is only for job seekers.

    You worry that you have no value to add online or that you will say something you will later regret.

    You are already overwhelmed & can't imagine finding time for social media

  • Congratulations ! 
    You are at the right place at the right time.

    The rate of company extinction is higher than ever before. With layoffs, re-structuring and more we have to take our careers more seriously than ever. Social media is a powerful tool that can provide you with the
    that is needed to take ownership of your career. This online course is an opportunity to take a 
    No jargon
    Low stress
    approach to leveraging social media for career success.

  • Every expert you meet, once was a novice.
    People who reach the top of the mountain were not dropped there.
    They reached up by climbing the mountain one step at a time.
    Because a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
    In the right direction.


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    My story

    Four years ago, I got disrupted !
     I found myself completely out of my comfort zone in a country where I did not know anyone. Zero networks and no contacts. From being a on a clearly defined career path and in a stable role, here I was with no job and no clear path to anything !
    When the culture shock of the new country subsided I decided to take charge of my career and dreams. I decided to experiment with things that I normally would have never tried. One of which was building an online brand and network.
    From a fresh off the boat person who had little online presence to :
    Top 10 social media influencer in my field; Host of of an international trending twitter chat  + Winner of the Game changer award + Launching a powerful leadership program for women has been quite a journey.
    I owe my success not just to hard work but  also to the networks I created -online and off.
    In this program I share with you my social media journey and the lessons I learnt to help you understand the importance of networks and how to leverage them both online and off.
    I firmly believe that in life there are no accidents, and that you are here tells me there is something from my story that must connect to the journey that you are on. I welcome the connect. 
  • Tanvi Gautam, Founder Leadershift Inc. 
    As seen in:

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  • Life is not about finding oneself.
    It is about creating oneself.
    So let's start creating !

    In this power packed online course, I have poured insights from my own social media journey for your benefit. This course is a jargon devoid and practical approach to engaging your online networks to create a personal learning and leadership journey. In the digital age, your online identity is an important component of your success in your chosen field.

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    Module 1
    Setting the direction

    Social media is a powerful means of creating and owning your brand. It allows you to tap into powerful connections. However, before you can begin doing that you must have clarity on which way you are headed and how will you measure success on that journey. Clarity on the brand you want to build and the voice you must own is essential before embarking on the social media journey. Some things you will learn:
    • How to set an intention and direction
    • Owning your voice fearlessly.
    • Why your brand must be authentic to succeed
    • Elements of a powerful brand
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    Module 2
    Network, community
    & platform fundamentals

    There are many different social media platforms. However the key to success on each is the same. We will also go through fundamental rules that enable you to build your brand online irrespective of the platform that you are on. You will learn
    • Comparing platforms
    • How to identify your tribe & influencers
    • Rules of engagement for powerful connections
    • Creating and participating in communities
    • Getting started with an online presence 
    • Auditing your current online presence
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    Module 3
    Creating a content strategy

    You have likely heard that content is king. However you don't have to kill yourself creating original content all day long. You do though need a blue print on how you are going to get at this issue.
    • Content map your existing expertise
    • Creating touch points with your tribe
    • 5 types of content that you must have
    • Curation and a content strategy
    • The one fatal mistake to avoid with content
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    Module 4
    Power tools

    Social media if done right should not take over your life. Despite all the demands on your time you should be able to automate and engage your audience online in a manner that fits into your life style. In this module we go through some tools you can start using right away to make your online life easier and more impactful.
    • Powerful & easy to use tools that make managing social media a breeze
    • The ideal posting schedule for your audience
    • Striking the balance between automation & live content
    • Setting up content alerts & RSS feeds for things that interest you.
  • Bonus material

    I have had the honor to talk to some of the most brilliant influencers on social media on the topic of personal branding and online networks. You will get an opportunity to eavesdrop as I talk to some of them about their recommendations on building powerful personal brands online.

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    Dorie Clark
    Author of - Reinventing you. And the newly released book Stand out. Forbes Columnist, Harvard Business Review blogger and personal branding guru

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    Christel Quek
    Social media evangelist, early adopter, Executive at Twitter, celebrated social media strategist

  • Twitter as a personal learning network

    In conversation with one of my role models, Anne Marie Slaughter, CEO of the New America foundation, She served as Director of Policy Planning for the U.S. State Department from January 2009 until February 2011 under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She also wrote the phenomenally famous article in the Atlantic - Can women have it all.

  • Why this can't wait ! 
    There could be many reasons to walk away from this course.
    Lack of time, money, effort, interest and more.
    But there is only one reason to stay and that is your
    bright, brilliant, gorgeous future career
    and personal brand.
    If your future can wait and take care of itself then by all means walk away.
    If not, let's get started.
     It is time to engage, connect and amplify you. 

    Email: Amplify@leadershiftinc.com

  • Frequently asked questions

    1. Who is this course aimed at ?
    Anyone who is keen to understand the fuss around social media and what it can do for your career. The ideal profile would be a working executive who wants to tap into the power of online networks and digital personal branding. This is an introductory course but there are bound to be insights for intermediate users as well.
    2. I am on a career break right now will this still be useful for me ?
    Absolutely ! Infact it is crucial that you take this course so as to keep your visibility and profile up even on a career break. If you are anticipating a break even then you should take the course.
    3. I don't like or understand twitter, why are you so excited about it ? I believe Twitter is for breakfast photos !
    You are not alone in feeling this way but I can assure you that the return on investment on the time spent on twitter can be quite high. I am not pushing one platform over another but rather helping you make an informed choice about the pro/cons of the different platforms.
    4. I don't have time for social media, this seems like one more item on my to do list !
    We all are leading super busy lives with kids and other commitments that take a lot from us even outside work. However by saying you don't have time for social media is like saying i don't have time for my career ! Let me walk you through some tools that will fit into your schedule and let you engage with social media on the go.
    5. Ok, what is the time commitment like for this course ?
    We will be meeting for one hour every week online. If you can't make the recording, that is fine, we will email you a link to the recording and the worksheets. Ideally you should budget about 30 min between calls to start sharpening your social media skills. This is a practice oriented course and you will get out of it as much as you put into it. So roughly 90 min per week.
    6. What if I have questions ?
    You can always email me during the course modules and also in week 5 we will do a google hangout where you can ask any questions you may have live during the call or send them to me in advance.
    7. Do you do one on one coaching as well ?
    Yes, although it is far more cost effective for you to do this course first and then consider that option.
    8. When will this course be offered again ?
    Not sure, and even if it is then it will likely be only as a recording and at a different price point.
    9. How does this impact my ability to find a job ?
    Like most things in life, it takes investment in social media before it yields results. However you will be head and shoulders above the people who are not leveraging this network. With the right attitude and branding your chances of finding roles that matter & connections with potential employers only getting better.
    10. Who can I email for further details ?
    Glad you asked ! Amplify@leadershiftinc.com

  • Let's connect

    Whether you end up taking this course or not, I would love to stay connected so choose your preferred platform and drop me a line telling me you found me here and let's stay in touch ! 

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