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    We invited Tanvi to speak to our regional customer conference and her presentation was inspiring, motivational and filled with research and examples using both video and data points.

    She is warm, engaging and a true expert. I would recommend her for your next corporate event - whether that be large or small, she has excellent presence and was extremely well received by our attendees.

    Alicia Tillman

    Global Chief Marketing Officer


  • Keynote: The Quadrant of Crisis

    Leading your People through Uncertain Times


    No one on the planet has been through a pandemic before.

    Yet our leaders are expected to show up at their best, just on the basis of contingency plans for business continuity. 

    It takes a lot more than that to be a leader who can take care of the emotional and motivational needs of a population in crisis.

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    When hit by a crisis the leaders launch into survival mode but to survive a crisis requires leaders to move to laying foundations for a new future. In this keynote we explore the quadrant of crisis an original framework developed by Dr. Tanvi Gautam to help your leaders makes sense of a crisis and help quickly impost a sense of meaning and strategy at multiple levels. This conversation is relevant not just in but beyond the current crisis.

  • Betsy Myers

    Barack Obama Presidential Campaign, Chief Operating Officer and

    Harvard Center for Public leadership (past executive director)

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    I am one of Tanvi's biggest fans.

    She inspires and challenges you to reconsider traditional notions of success and create a leadership journey that is in alignment to yourself.

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    In this keynote, we explore the key ideas that allow us to lead with courage when in the deep end. How does uncertainty impact our decision-making capabilities? What is our relationship with failure? Does the metric of performance shift in the shifting sands of an ever evolving landscape? We need a more human face to our leaders and we need a culture that is ready to embrace the fluidity of the times we live in. How can leaders create greater psychological safety on their teams, so the courage to lead and experiment becomes second nature?

  • What do CXOs, Conference Organizers and Clients say?

    We've got a top notch team!

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    Mike Howard

    Global CSO Microsoft

    Tanvi is a great storyteller and she uses this skill to great effect to invite her audiences into the topic she leads. She has great energy and her passion for her work and the topics she speaks about is evident and a thrill to watch. I have upped my leadership acumen via my association with Dr. Gautam and I highly endorse her for her Storytelling, Leadership and Collaboration skills and abilities. She is truly a subject matter expert.

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    Paul Douglass

    Event Manager and conference organizer

    Dr. Tanvi was the chairperson on the CxO Symposium stream at HR Festival Asia 2019. We are grateful for the time and effort she took to manage what was the most influential and powerful audiences across the two days. The way she captured the theme and built interaction with them got us huge positive feedback from them.

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    Jagbir Singh

    System Engineering Cisco

    Recently I got an opportunity to work with Dr. Tanvi Gautam for Cisco APJC SEM Summit 2020. She worked very closely with us to understand about targeted audience, intent and outcome of this session. She closely studied and discussed our internal research and delivered excellent session for all our office across APAC. She gave us an outside view from industry and helped us in bringing courageous leadership to life. Dr. Tanvi is not just knowledgeable but also an excellent storyteller.

  • Masterclass: Brace for Impact

    Creating a resilient leader for now and the future

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    Let's face it, ultimately we are only as good as our ability to endure and recover from the pandemic or any other catalyst that stress tests the system. In this Masterclass we return to the discussion on how to be more resilient at a personal level as well as create resilience in the systems that we design. Get ready to upgrade the way you see how crisis is the curriculum as it leads to a stronger, faster and better organization.

  • Speaker Reel on

    Leading in the Age of Disruption

    Invite Dr. Tanvi Gautam, C-suite advisor, multi-award winning keynote speaker, best selling author and executive coach to create a memorable conversation with your executives. A social media influencer in HR for 6 consecutive years, listed as a Game Changer by Workforce Magazine (USA) she was the first female Chairperson of the CXO forum of Asia's largest HR summit. She is also a senior faculty and program director at Singapore Management University Executive Development.


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