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    I have learnt more about leadership in one month with her than I did in my entire career! As a coach she inspires you with her deep expertise, authenticity & empathy for your journey. This is a transformation you want to undertake.

    Aurelien Patrick Maudonnet

    (Chief Financial Officer, Latam, Volatalia)

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    Having worked with her one-on-one, I believe she is an executive coach that cuts through the clutter to get to the heart of the matter in a way that makes a difference. Her work in the C-suite is much appreciated and needed. Her insights add to the storyline that connects the dots.

    Rama Sridhar

    Executive Vice President, Digital & Emerging Partnerships

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    Dr. Tanvi is a coach who is strategic & insightful. A mix of empathy and tough love that will get you to your next level!

    If you need a coach high on emotional intelligence, who sees your potential & knows the ins & out of leading at the top - then I hope you get to experience her coaching. Thanks Tanvi, for your insights & commitment to your work.

    Emma Jenkins

    (Senior Vice President, Lewis Global Communications)

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    She is not just a subject matter expert but also someone who will get you thinking and talking. The global footprint of her work allows her to powerfully translate and address issues of boundary-spanning leadership.

    Dr. Jan Ulrich

    Senior Manager, Strategic Projects

    Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany

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    The one-on-one has been the most useful coaching – I am able to reflect and take immediate actions to refocus on my goals. And I am still applying it as we speak! It allows me to sustain my energy level and deliver work done. Definitely, if I didn’t have these coaching sessions, I believe my thoughts and probably focus level may not have “lasted”. The various check-in sessions, allowed me to stay on track as well as sharing of knowledge on key topics essential for career growth.

    Sharon Lee

    Senior Marketing Specialist

  • Having lived and worked in Australia, US and Asia. The global footprint of my work allows me to bring a unique sensitivity to the cultural context of my coaching clients.

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    Coaching impacts not just you but the people you are called upon to lead and by association the community and even the country.

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    Dr. Tanvi and her advice is regularly featured in international media such as BBC world, Forbes, The Business Times, The Economic Times and more.

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    Presenting the

    bestselling book

    "The Spark Lies Within" to

    Madam Halima Yacob, President of Singapore.


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    Enlightening. Clarifying. Extremely actionable. Working with Dr. Tanvi as a coach is something I highly recommend. It is after all about the business you lead & the career you want. You simply can't afford to roll the dice and take a chance on it going wrong. With her there is no cookie cutter approach. The advice is strategically tailored and laser pointed to what will help you move forward.

    Donald Ong

    Senior Vice President, Mastercard

  • Our Clients

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  • How It Works

    I am very selective in taking on only a few executive coaching clients for a one-on-one sessions in a year. A lot depends on where you are in your journey, what is your willingness and commitment to your own growth and whether we are a good fit to work together.  I may not always have spots available for one-on-one coaching in which case you could be invited to join many of the group coaching programs that could be of help or enable you get ready for theone-on-one coaching. Coaching is a journey we undertake together and knowing what we can expect from each other, what I demand of all my clients and alignment in approach helps ensure successful outcomes.


    Submit your application for coaching to team@leadershiftinc.com

    Please email us with what is the type of coaching help you need, what is your level of seniority, if you have undertaken executive coaching before and where were the outcomes. And finally why do you feel Dr. Tanvi can be a good fit to support your acceleration to the next level.


    Discovery call


    Accepted candidates will go through a discovery meeting/call where goals and process are discussed and alignment for coaching is assessed and expectations clarified. If the meeting ends with a sense of fit then you will be invited to the next stage.


    Coaching Journey


    You will be embarking on a minimum of 3 months journey of alignment. The cadence and depth of engagement depends on where you are in your journey. Typical coaching calls are between 60-90 minutes and can be conducted via zoom.

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    Recognized by the Workforce Magazine (USA) as a Game changer and listed for 6 years in a row as an HR influencer by the Society for Human Resource Management. She is an ICF certified corporate storytelling coach; Certified Conversational intelligence coach; Certified in the Culture talk Archetypal system that allows you to uncover the “unwritten rules of engagement” of an organization and the underlying passions of an individual. With Dr. Tanvi You will be able to create clear action plans that support strategic initiatives and personal growth.

  • Group coaching options

    Coaching journey for senior partners at Deloitte.

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