• Series of 5 masterclasses to set up the leaders for success as we reboot the system.

    The leaders who are being literally handed the future of their company to re-shape and

    re-frame for the post pandemic world, need to be enabled on the people & culture dimension.

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    You - as the leader of the post pandemic world.

     Have you ever thought about How you will fail your team and people ?

    In this masterclass we begin with a deep dive into understanding who you are as a leader and how you need to pivot and re purpose yourself in the post pandemic world. How might your preferences and bias come in the way you are able to lead in a world that looks nothing like the world you were born, educated and led in thus far.


    We will do an assessment and lead a conversation on who needs to be on your dream team to make sure you are set up for success for now and in the future. Get ready for an authentic and eye opening conversation to help you see your purpose as a leader in the post pandemic world.

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     Moving into a state of alignment

    In this uncertain world, no one person has the answer. Which means as you take your plans to your people they must feel free to both innovate, question and adapt your vision with their reality. Are you looking for a team of yes men and women or do you want collaborative capabilities to come forth ? The number on focus of the leader in a post pandemic world has to be on creating a culture of trust and psychological safety. In this masterclass we examine this concept, what are the parameters of psychological safety and how you can create more of this in the teams you lead through the four stages of psychological safety.

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    Decision making in an uncertain environment

    The game board keeps changing, you will never have complete information. Do you have comfort with uncertainty ? Are you able to change your framework as the information changes ? What should be the metrics of success when leading people into a reality where multiple futures co-exist.


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    Crafting and conveying the compelling vision

    Your vision, no matter how fantastic it is, will be incomplete if people don't feel compelled to put their heart and soul into make it a reality. How can you as a leader convey your ideas to your investors, stakeholder, clients, employees in a way that allows them to see you as an authentic, compelling and engaging leader of the future. We shall look at elements of tranformational storytelling that will allow you to do just that. Keeping in mind how to communicate while the crisis ebbs and flows is a key consideration of this module.


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    Re-wiring for resilience

    Let's face it, ultimately we are only as good as our ability to endure and recover from the pandemic or any other catalyst that stress tests the system. In this final module we return to the discussion on how to be more resilient at a personal level as well as create resilience in the systems that we design.