• " Social is not a platform or a technology.

    It is the mindset of the future ready leader in the age of networks.

    Technology is an enabler. Not the answer. "








    When it comes to social media.

    Think more social

    and less media.

    Works every time.



  • Amplify through social leadership

    Leverage the opportunity presented by social media for

    learning, collaboration, sales & marketing


    Embrace the mindset of a social age leader

    which has nothing to do with platform & technology


    Transform your enterprise into a brand amplification tribe by leveraging the principles of social leadership


    Built on the foundation of emergent leadership, employee advocacy, content marketing these flights will be mission critical for those who want to harvest opportunity at a massive scale.

  • Where do you want to go from here

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    An online course

    Take control of your social media presence by developing a personalized

    brand and content plan.

    Join this jargon free, simple and to the point 4 week program to amplify your online presence.

    Best suited to those who are new to social media

    and would like help to get started.


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    Corporate bootcamp

    Social ready leaders start here

    Senior executives need to role model the behaviour

    they expect from their people. Being present on social and leveraging it for learning, collaboration, and harvesting networks is a key skill.

    Join this bootcamp to understand why this is an opportunity you can't afford to miss.




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